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Beautiful earth tones make this floral print stand out! This pattern looks awesome with either a solid black or taupe long tunic! Feel great….look great!

Regular Size – fits most 2-12/13, 5′-6′ tall.




Our beautiful Earths Garden Leggings are made from a mixture of 92% Brushed Polyester and 8% Spandex. The brushed polyester gives our leggings the ultra soft feel, and the spandex portion allows them to stretch out and not lose their shape. There is no cotton in our She Loves Leggings which is why they will not shrink or stretch out of shape when worn.

Our leggings are high-waisted and non-see thru and conform to your body shape. They stretch out and are full length whether you are 5’2 inches or 5’9 inches. Word has it that you feel ‘naked’ when wearing them and are super comfortable, whether you are working out, doing yoga, lounging around the cottage for the weekend or out with friends for lunch. A lot of women find these so amazingly comfortable that they wear them to sleep in also as they find that the waist isn’t binding and doesn’t feel tight after wearing them for a long duration.

It is recommended that the Earths Garden Leggings be machine washed and then hung to dry. The material is incredibly soft and will not pill, shrink, fade or lose its colour. If the Earths Garden Leggings end up in the dryer the odd time, they will not damage, however, being tossed in the dryer constantly may make the spandex break down over time. Our leggings literally dry within ten minutes of being taken out of the washing machine and are best when hung on a drying rack after washing.

This gorgeous Earths Garden Leggings pattern is presently available in Regular Size only . Once you wear a pair, you will definitely not be able to stop at just one pair and your legging addiction will soon overtake you so that you will want to have a different pair for everyday of the week.

1 review for Earths Garden Leggings

  1. Lauren Hoshoian

    These leggings are simply PERFECT! They fit well, they feel soft, they hold their shape, they look awesome! There isn’t a day while wearing them that I don’t get a compliment on how great they look. Fun, Funky and Feel Fabulous.
    I happened upon the booth where Kim Henick and her Husband were selling these leggings and was skeptical as the patterns were very different. I purchased three pair and I am so glad I did. They look and feel so much nicer than any of my other leggings.

    Thank you
    She Loves Leggs

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